Knitting – the great conversation

Especially for those of us who do not share a common language.

I travel a lot, and when I travel I like to knit.

When I do this, I find that women and girls who would usually stay quietly in the

background emerge into the public space in which I am knitting.

On numerous occasions I have only become aware of them inching closer when it has

been pointed out by others.

It can be older women and/or the younger girls.

They smile and acknowledge their delight at what they are witnessing.

They nod in acknowledgement that we have something in common.

It is safe to come together over some knitted wool, some clicking needles, some creation, something unspoken.

So much is “said” through these encounters yet not a single word is spoken in many instances.

Sometimes a laugh, a namaste hand gesture or a simple shake of the head, but rarely words, yet so much happens in that space between us.