Dis-connecting conversations are…………..


We’ve all had them, and they all feel pretty terrible.

I had one just last week.

It’s usually with someone you know (or think you do) very well, a family member or a close friend.

With those nearest and dearest, we tend to take more liberties.

They are often Defensive, Persuasive, Interruptive, from either one or both of the parties.

Actually its no party. Nothing feels less like a party.

It’s tedious. It’s usually ground that has been covered over and over again to be rehashed until the other gets it, whatever “it” maybe.

It may even have started out as a conversation with the intention to connect more with that person, or persons, but it rapidly escalates to one more of the disconnecting kind.

 In these moments, we are usually not there to listen for understanding, we are more interested in being the one that is understood.

We do not come from a place of not knowing, in fact we think we know it all.

Most importantly, we just don’t listen……………………..

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