Introducing Connecting Conversations

“Sometimes our lives start pulling at us to really question everything. I thought it was only mine, but the more I talked with others I realised it happens to us all.

The only difference is that some of us really listen to the pulling and respond with curiosity and joy and others of us are frozen with fear and shut it all down.

This only disconnects us more from our selves and each other. I know because this was me. I withdrew and isolated myself from the other.”

We all love to be heard, really heard. The more I listen to others, deeply listen and others deeply listen to me, I know within my being that this in itself can be life changing. It is certainly life affirming.

I have for many years now been involved in circles of people who just want to be heard. Sometimes they are experiencing this for the very first time. Sometimes they don’t experience it at all, but when they do, they know it. A space is created for growth, for understanding, for learning or just pure acceptance of a situation as it is.